Blooming Fleurs

Blooming Fleurs is a fast growing floriculture company, with its roots in the alluring environs of village Vasudevpura, situated in Pinjore, Haryana. It can be defined as the sublime combination of rustic charm and a sylvan ambience.

In all its magnificence and floricultural aura, Blooming Fleurs is a name to reckon with, in the emerging times of advanced horticulture.

Myriad varieties of flowers, vegetables and fruits can be witnessed at the greenhouses and plantations, which are spread across a number of locations. Apart from Pinjore, Blooming Fleurs is functional at various other locations in Himachal and the neighbouring regions. Solan, Chail, Baddi are some of the other areas of operations.


Blooming Fleurs is synonymous with perfection, and that is precisely what avant-garde floriculture and horticulture requires. Testimony to this statement is the tactful and meticulous handling of the crops from the very initial stage, which ensures their finesse.

The sprawling farms are a vivid picture of flowers and crops, blooming in all their glory. Gerbera, Chrysanthemum, Lilium, Galdiolus, Mango, Lychee, Chikoo, Lettuce, Tomatoes etc. exemplify the horticultural diversity which can be observed here.

With its excellence in terms of quality, and growing agricultural diversity, Blooming Fleurs is garnering impetus towards